A blue and yellow frame with a large machine.

FPS 3000FT Forklift Orbital


Your operator drives your product into the centre of the machine, starts the cycle, and the FPS Forklift Orbital does the rest.

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Your forklift operator drives the load into the centre of the machine and starts the wrap cycle from a remote or lanyard.

The film carriage then travels on two support tubes, which are attached between the two rings. A chain attached to the film carriage, driven by a gearbox motor combo, pulls the carriage forward and back across the load. Carriage limits prevent mechanical over-travel. As the rings rotate, the carriage travels back and forth, enveloping the load with film. Once the cycle is completed, the film is automatically cut and wiped to the load.

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A blue and yellow frame with a large machine.


A red machine with a blue frame and orange parts


Our Competitors

  1. Most all wrappers are manual.
  2. The fork truck operator must get off the truck, manually attach the film to the skid, start the ring turning, and then push the whole machine manually forward and backward. This is a huge loss of time to wrap each load and an unnecessary risk of injury to the operator.
  3. Another type is automatic, but the fork truck operator must move the fork truck backward to wrap the load length. There could be a hazard if the operator does not see passing traffic.

Fox FPS3000FT

  1. Reduces lost time or repetitive injuries to employees
  2. Fully automatic; no need to attach or cut the film
  3. No air is required to operate the film clamp/cutter
  4. No need to move the fork truck while the product is wrapped
  5. It takes ½ the time to wrap a load
  6. Requires 115V/15A dedicated wall outlet or a plug with no other equipment plugged in

Load Capacity
Height: 48"
Width: 48"
Length: 48" standard with the possibility to wrap longer products
Weight: Dependent on forklift manufacturer specifications


Detailed Specs

  • Main panel Nema 12 (18" x 24") cabinet on each unit)
  • Electric requirements 120V/15A/60HZ dedicated line (115V wall plug with no other devices plugged in.)
  • Main breaker 15A
  • PLC 32 I/O
  • Delta 7" coloured touchscreen
  • Automatic film clamp and film cutter
  • Auto home alignment
  • Ring jog
  • Safety lockout switch on the door (shuts off control power
  • Key fob to start the wrapper form truck (two provided)
  • All controls 24V AC
  • Ring drive motor 1HP AC 230V with brake
  • Full detailed electrical schematic
  • Electrical controls name brand, obtainable from local suppliers
  • Two 80" ID precision machined steel rings
  • Machined urethane ring support wheel with two sealed bearings (qty. of 4 per ring)
  • 12" dual urethane drive wheels with 1-3/16" axles
  • #60 chain and sprocket drive
  • Ring speed from 0 to 30 rpm
  • Pass through the height of the product at 18" approximate
  • Ring support frame 1/4" steel plate
Film carriage
  • 20" mechanical friction tensioning film carriage
  • Supports film rolls 20" long by 9" diameter
  • Easy fill tensioning adjustment
  • Roller provided in ring to narrow the gap for small products. Manual operation to put, in place, the roller
Remote Control Start/Stop Wrapper
  • Radio controller with two remote key fobs provided with the wrapper
  • Operator can stay on the truck
  • Automatic film clamp and cutter
A blue machine with wires attached to it.