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Stretch Wrapping Equipment to to solve your needs


The all-new FPS Forklift Orbital

A whole new concept in wrapping a skid of product, securing the load solidly to the pallet...

Now, your drivers don't have to waste time getting on and off the forklift to wrap a load. They simply drive in, and the FPS Forklift Orbital does the rest! Automatic wrapping with film clamp and cut allows your driver to remain in place while your product is secured.

Speed up production and save on lost time, injuries, or operator fatigue. Keep your workforce healthy while increasing your ROI.

A blue machine with orange barrel on top of it.


Some of the Features

  • Semi-automatic wrapper with friction or pre-stretch film delivery
  • Easy thread film carriage
  • Flush-mounted, full-colour touchscreen display
  • Cycle counter
  • Auto home alignment
  • Much more


The smart choice fox packaging service

Do You Ship Goods?

A high-quality pallet wrapper makes the difference between items arriving in perfect condition as opposed to damaged or ruined.

Take the pains and uncertainties of shipping out of your business and out of your mind.

Make sure your items arrive just as you intend them to, and keep your reputation alive.

No more wasting time and money, it's time for your business to experience the ease of getting things done with equipment that matches it. That is, great and dependable units, that get the job done.

Who We Are and How We Can Help You

Fox Packaging Services, or FPS for short, is a Canadian manufacturer of pallet wrapping equipment that has been evolving and inventing packaging equipment since 1998. 25+ years of solid, hardworking, industry-tested equipment with a focus on service. Not only customer service, which is our first priority, but also building equipment from a maintenance perspective. Building low maintenance, truly dependable equipment.

We provide solutions to everyday packaging needs - from manual applications to fully automated inline systems, FPS works closely with distributors and clients to make sure that the product fits the application. We don't just build cookie-cutter machines that will wrap 'most' products.

We are proud to be a manufacturer that builds innovative custom machinery to suit any application.

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